Ferrari’s Big Red American Footprint

Using vehicle production data sourced from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) we look at Ferrari sales in the U.S., by Model, going back to 1994.

Talking while driving might be best defense against texting while driving

If data suggests that driving while talking on the phone could deter drivers from doing other more dangerous secondary activities, aside from driving, should we rethink the negative reinforcement campaign around texting-and-driving? Should policymakers instead of just saying NO give drivers a more safe alternative – talking. Is this the start to a Say No to Text campaign?

The Art of Automotive Diversification

Whether it’s chasing the $199 lease or trying to serve the needs of current owners – there is no denying the fact that luxury automakers in America are the most diverse they’ve ever been. How diverse? In this post we turn data into art as we visualize just how diverse some of America’s favorite luxury automakers have become.

Data Shows Tesla Dominates New York EV Market

Using publicly-available vehicle registration data we explore the world of Tesla inside the borders of the Great State of New York. We look at everything from color to competitors in this post.

Automakers say hit owners with bigger sticks to improve recall repair rates

Yesterday I attended a workshop hosted by the government to address the issue of repairing vehicles with safety recalls. While a workshop on how to prevent defects would have have been a nice precursory to this one, I assume at this point the government-industry view is: the milk has been spilled and is fully spoiled, so how do we clean it up? I left with one real takeaway – consumers are the issue and need to be hit with bigger penalties for not complying with vehicle safety recalls.