Getting high on pixels and hashtags when the wheels stop

Driving has become just another one of life’s tedious tasks that forces us to put down our digital needle. While driving we see life happening around us, yet we eagerly await the next red light – our next pixels and hashtags high.

Design is the future battleground for winning new customers

In the future the in-car experience and drive train will become as ubiquitous as choosing an operating systems. While attributes like reliability and price will continue to play a role in the overall purchase decisions – in a world where engines and in-car are similar, design is the future battleground for customers.

Death Toll – The Mazda Miata

The Mazda Miata is a small roadster loved by enthusiast who appreciate a car that is simply fun to drive. Intrigued by the number of friends who own or have owned a Miata I decided to examine the fatality data around the beloved Japanese sports car to see if there is any truth to the widely held notion of small sports cars being “death traps.”

Government wants to know if modern gear selectors distract drivers

The gear selector in today’s car ain’t your grandma’s gear selector! Regulators are kicking off a research project to determine how drivers react in normal and emergency situations when confronted with six different styles of gear selector, to include many new electronically-controlled transmissions

5 Ways to Improve Recall Completion Rates

Vehicles continue to be recalled at a rate higher and faster than ever before. There are millions of cars already on the road today with open safety recalls. In this post we offer five ways both private and government groups could help improve the rate at which safety recalls are repaired and potentially save more lives.