Ferrari’s Big Red American Footprint

Using vehicle production data sourced from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) we look at Ferrari sales in the U.S., by Model, going back to 1994.

How Losing Market Share Could Be Good For a Brand

We examined vehicle registration data from the State of New York to see how Cadillac stacks up to its self-proclaimed German rivals. While the brand continues to lose market share and failed to compete with any of the German luxury automakers – it did see some (very small) growth in less-poor counties.

The Art of Automotive Diversification

Whether it’s chasing the $199 lease or trying to serve the needs of current owners – there is no denying the fact that luxury automakers in America are the most diverse they’ve ever been. How diverse? In this post we turn data into art as we visualize just how diverse some of America’s favorite luxury automakers have become.

Data Shows Tesla Dominates New York EV Market

Using publicly-available vehicle registration data we explore the world of Tesla inside the borders of the Great State of New York. We look at everything from color to competitors in this post.

Design is the future battleground for winning new customers

In the future the in-car experience and drive train will become as ubiquitous as choosing an operating systems. While attributes like reliability and price will continue to play a role in the overall purchase decisions – in a world where engines and in-car are similar, design is the future battleground for customers.

Tesla turns to fleet

Earlier today Tesla Motors, the beloved builder of electric vehicles, posted a job announcement seeking a North America Fleet Development Manager. It appears Tesla wants to a piece of the fleet market in North America. But is this move to fleet a volume play or a...